Web Page Authoring and Design

Once you have decided that you want a presence on the World Wide Web you need to take steps to produce your Web Pages. In their final form these will not look too different from the coloured pages of a glossy magazine, but they are much more powerful. A Web Page can have beautiful coloured images and text but it can also have sound, animation and video where appropriate. It can contain forms which can be completed by the reader and returned to you by email with orders or other information.

Web Pages also allow the reader to jump to other parts of the document or to a different document on your Web Site or even to a document on someone elses site at the other side of the world.

Obviously, your Web Pages need to be designed to be attractive but they also need to be formatted so that these facilities can be included. It may be that you are able to prepare your own pages but if you can’t we can offer you a comprehensive authoring and design service at very reasonable prices.

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